Digital Innovation Council for the Performing Arts

MEDIA Coverage

Arts in the Digital World, January 2018, Canada Council for the Arts/Yukon Government

Yukon Arts Digital Day Presentation by Inga Petri

CRD Arts Development Service – Public Consultation on Arts Plan Implementation Priorities

Growing a Sustainable Performing Arts Eco-system in Rural Communities

Book Strategy Group/Association of Canadian Publishers

Canada Dance Mapping Study  (Canada Council for the Arts/Ontario Arts Council)

Two research projects I worked on within that study are:

Plenary Presentation at Tourism Industry Association of Yukon

The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada (CAPACOA)

Keynotes/Presentations (Video)

  • SPARC – Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities. Network Summit – November 2014

SPARC Summit from Sticks and Stones Productions on Vimeo.

Canadian Geographic – Canadian Atlas Online

(Inga has scripted 37 of these thematics between 2003 and 2013; she wrote the Performing Arts Presentation thematic based on The Value of Presenting study’s original research.)

Supplementary Reports and Webinars

Training: Atlantic Presenters Association and Ontario Presents

Media Coverage

Sistema Canada