Workshops and Presentations

Inga speaks at national and regional conferences focused on performing arts, marketing and research. She facilitates planning sessions and board retreats, and designs and implements community consultations and conversations. Each keynote, presentation, workshop and consultation process is tailored to the participants’ specific situation, needs and interests.


  1. August/September, Churchill Creative Collective, Feasibility Study
  2. August/September, Northern Arts and Culture Centre, Strategic Planning retreat (online)
  3. April 11 to 14, Pacific Contact – Professional Development Workshops
  4. March 24 to 27, University College of the North, Northern Arts Workshop, organizing committee,  co-facilitation and Arts Action Planning in The Pas, MB
  5. February, deCoste Performing Arts Centre, Pictou, NS – strategic planning
  6. January/February, Series of digital literacy workshops for Yukon Historical and Museums Association (YHMA), Whitehorse, YT


  1. November/December, Series of digital literacy workshops for Yukon Historical and Museums Association (YHMA), Whitehorse, YT
  2. Throughout the year – various facilitations and workshops delivered online for clients from New Brunswick to Ontario to BC and the Yukon
  3. October – Manitoba Showcase, Steinbach, MB, Led four workshops
  4. October, Flin Flon, MB, strategic planning with Flin Flon Arts Council with participation of City of Flin Flon
  5. June – Collision Tech Conference attendance to represent The Pitch Inc
  6. June – Business for the Arts – Online workshop, Marketing for Arts Administrators
  7. April – Pacific Contact – Conversation Facilitation re: digital evolution
  8. March – University College of the North, Northern Arts Workshop co-facilitation and Arts Action Planning in Flin Flon, MB
  9. February – Amautiit – Chelsea, QC – Strategic Planning Retreat
  10. January – Mass Culture – ASO Furute Forward conference in Toronto


  1. April – Pacific Contact – The Radical and the Rational: Rebuilding Better
  2. January to May – Puppetry Arts Digital Evolution – workshop series, recordings online, and community of practice meetings
  3. Throughout the year – various facilitations and workshops delivered online


  1. November – Yukon Innovation Week – Yukon Arts Innovators discuss their Digital Initiatives
  2. November – Building a Digital Arts Nation – What’s Next. A National Conference –  3 weeks, 6 days, 20 speakers – conference and proceedings
  3. October to December-  Puppetry Arts Digital Evolution – workshop series, recordings online
  4. September – Rhythm Club – Music Marketing Program – guest speaker
  5. September – Contact East: Rebuilding Better and 1-on-1s
  6. June – Masterclass on Designing and Producing Awesome Online Conferences and Events
  7. April to November – Making Tomorrow Better: Taking Digital Action in the Arts many online workshops from East to West to North
  8. February, Yukon University/Elevate Program – Workshop for Yukon businesses: From search to discoverability: What you and your web team need to know about web 3.0 (TBC)
  9. Feb 17/18, Australia, Feral Arts – Arts in the Digital World – Inspiration from Canada
  10. Feb 16, Breakthroughs: Progress Report on New Digital Platforms in the Performing Arts – for all who are active in the performing arts from artists, producing companies to agents/manager, presenters to presenting networks
  11. Feb 18 to March 18 – Yukon / N3 Network, Webinars for arts organizations: From Search to Discoverability Online – Update your website with Purpose in 2021
    • Feb 18 – Rebuilding your website
    • Mar 4 – Making a DIY WordPress site
    • Mar 18 – From Search to Discoverability in the arts
  12. Feb 12 – Government of Yukon – facilitate Yukon and Silicon Valley: An Exchange
  13. Feb 3 to 24, Manitoba Arts Network, Webinars: Social Media – Strategy, Content, Evaluation
    • Feb 3 – Social Media Strategy
    • Feb 10 – Preparing Content that Engages – Part 1 (Briana Doyle)
    • Feb 17 – Preparing Content that Engages – Part 2 (Briana Doyle)
    • Feb 24 – How to evaluate the impact of your social media
  14. Jan 26, APA PD workshop – New Feed: Navigating Changes in Social Media


  1. Nov 24 – Creative Communities Culture Conference, Culture Alliance & Rogers Community TV Midland /Midland, ON – Panel on Turning Technological Obstacles in Opportunities
  2. Nov 24 – APA PD workshop: OK, Google, Can we be friends?
  3. Nov 20, Yukon Innovation Week/Yukon University/Northlight Innovation – A Conversation about Building an Awesome Online Presence for the Yukon
  4. November 2020 – Manitoba Arts Network, 5 Weeks to Transform your Digital Footprint workshop series:
  5. Oct 22 – Northern Exposure Summit/Island Mountain Arts
  6. Oct 19 – Digital Innovation Council for Arts and Culture – A conversation about your digital projects.
  7. Oct 16 – Northern Exposure Summit/Island Mountain Arts – Primer for Speakers at Online Conference
  8. Sept 25 – Contact(less) East /APA workshop – Rebuilding your website from start to finish in 7 days
  9. Sept 2, Yukon – 7 steps to rebuilding your website workshop
  10. June and September, Canadian Heritage, Western and Ontario region – Digitizing the Performing Arts – A Reality Check
  11. Digital Literacy workshops through Making Tomorrow Better project
    • Dawson City, Yukon, January 6 to 8
    • Whitehorse, Yukon, January 9 to 11
    • Yellowknife, NWT, January 18 – 19
    • Series of webinars in response to COVID-19 – March 31 to April 7, 2020 and beyond –


  1. November 26 – 27, Ladysmith, BC – Ladysmith Arts Council digital workshops (Making Tomorrow Better)
  2. November 25, Vancouver, BC – BC Touring Council, Facility Managers Meeting (Making Tomorrow Better)
  3. November 21 to 23, Banff, AB – Digital Arts Summit
  4. Nov 13 to 16, Ottawa, ON – CAPACOA National Conference
  5. Digital Literacy workshops through Making Tomorrow Better project
    • September 26: Charlottetown, PEI, Contact East – Assessment of your Digital Footprint
    • November 25 to 27 : Vancouver and Central Vancouver Island
  6. September to November: Yukon – Facilitation of Public Consultations for Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy
    • Whitehorse, Sep 24, Oct 20, Oct 23, Oct 30
    • Dawson City, Sep 30 & Oct 1
    • Watson Lake, Oct 9
    • Teslin, Oct 10
    • Pelly Crossing, Oct 15
    • Faro, Oct 16 (TBC)
    • Mayo, Oct 17
    • Haines Junction, Oct 24
    • Carcross, Oct 29 (TBC)
    • Carmacks, Nov 5
  7. August: online – Ladysmith Arts Council – Artists in the Digital World
  8. July: online – Ladysmith Arts Council – Vancouver Island arts and culture powerhouse – strategy meeting
  9. June: Temiskaming, ON: Conseil des arts Temiskaming Arts Council (consulting)
  10. May: Whitehorse, YT: Tourism and Culture, Yukon Government – Presentation at Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy – public consultation
  11. March: Halifax, NS: Atlantic Presenters Association (strategic planning)
  12. February: Ottawa, ON: Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Strategy Fund Jury member
  13. January: Peterborough, ON: Kawartha Youth Orchestra (consulting)


  1. November: Montreal, QC: CAPACOA conference – Research Panel
  2. November: Moncton, NB: Capitol Theatre consulting
  3. November: Peterborough, ON: Kawartha Youth Orchestra (consulting)
  4. November: Ottawa, ON: Propeller Dance (strategic planning retreat)
  5. June: Victoria, BC: 2nd Annual Arts Champions Summit (CRD Arts Service)
  6. May: Cobald, ON: SPARC (Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities) – Plenary presentation and workshops
  7. May: Ottawa, ON: Propeller Dance (presentation of research findings)
  8. May: Yellowknife, NWT: Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (strategic planning retreat)
  9. April: National – Web Conversation Where are we now?  (Digital Innovation Council)
  10. April: Whitehorse, Yukon: Nakai Theatre (strategic planning retreat)
  11. March: Whitehorse, Yukon – N3 Arts Presenters Summit – Circumpolar edition
  12. February: Ottawa, ON: Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Strategy Fund Jury member
  13. January: Whitehorse, Yukon – Yukon Arts Digital Day (sponsored by Yukon Government and Canada Council for the Arts)


  1. November: Ottawa – CAPACOA national conference/Digital Innovation Council for the Performing Arts
  2. October: Pictou, NS – deCoste Performing Arts Centre (consulting)
  3. October: Halifax, NS – Creative City Network Summit – Presentation: Radical Transparency and Public Consultation: How we stopped worrying and started building our #ArtsFuture Together
  4. October: Whitehorse, YT –  Marketing Workshop
  5. August: National – Web Conversation: What’s Your Digital Project? – Part 2 (Digital Innovation Council)
  6. July: National – Web Conversation: What’s Your Digital Project? (Digital Innovation Council)
  7. July: Pictou, NS – deCoste Performing Arts Centre (consulting)
  8. July: Ottawa, ON – various client consultations and working sessions
  9. May: Pictou, NS – deCoste Performing Arts Centre (consulting)
  10. March: Ottawa, ON – Webinar Recording: Digital Innovation in the Performing Arts
  11. February : Vancouver, BC – Talking Stick Festival – Industry Series (attendee)
  12. January: Victoria, BC – CRD Arts Service


  1. November: Montreal, QC – CAPACOA @ CINARS – How to develop new business models in a digital world.
  2. November: Victoria, BC – CRD Arts Service: Community engagement and consultations to develop Arts Plan Implementation Strategies
  3. October: Haliburton, ON – SPARC Symposium, Keynote “Growing your rural performing arts eco-system” (original research completed  Oct 2016)  and three workshops: Mentorship, Assessing & Fine-tuning your Rural Marketing System, Managing your online web presence to build local audiences and attract tourists
  4. October: Ottawa, ON – Co-facilitate digital exploration and evolve key messages for Arts Day on the Hill re: Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Content in a Digital World consultation.
  5. October: Saskatoon, SK – OSAC Showcase. Professional development workshops on marketing and mentorship
  6. September 18 – 25: Victoria, BC – CRD Arts Service: Community engagement and consultations to develop Arts Plan Implementation Strategies – Ten community workshops and outreach
  7. June 29 to July 3: Iqaluit, NU – Alianait Arts Festival (attendee)
  8. June: Victoria, BC – CRD Arts Service: Community engagement and consultations to develop Arts Plan Implementation Strategies
  9. June: Whitehorse, YT – Magnetic North Theatre Festival
  10. May: Dawson City, YT  (Part 2: marketing / training / fund development)
  11. May: Ottawa, ON – AOE Arts Council professional development series:
    • Breakthrough Marketing: Connecting Audiences and Art;
    • Building Your Audience Through Online Marketing
  12. April: Dawson City, YT  (Part 1: marketing / training / fund development)
  13. March: Yellowknife, NWT (NACC mentorship program)
  14. March: Fredericton, NB (Community Stakeholder presentation and workshop)
  15. January: Moncton, NB (Capitol Theatre)
  16. January: City of Temiskaming Shores, ON – South Temiskaming Cultural Sustainability Project, Cultural Roundtable facilitation and presentations


  1. December: Moncton, NB  (strategic marketing planning)
  2. November: Ottawa, ON – CAPACOA National Conference – Session on Launching Digitizing the Performing Arts Working Group: Digital Innovation Council Nov 26 @ 8 am
  3. November: Whitehorse, YT – Sharing Our Stories: Developing Cultural Tourism in First Nations Communities Conference (attendee)
  4. November: Yarmouth, NS – Nova Scotia Music Week – Domestic Buyers Summit professional development day
  5. October: Kelowna, BC – Creative City Network Summit – Workshop & Presentation
  6. October: Wells, BC – Northern Exposure arts conference – Facilitation & Presentations
  7. September: Kitchener, ON – Impact 15 (attendee)
  8. August: Halifax, NS – The Talk @ Prismatic Festival – Focus on the ongoing development of the Indigenous Performance Network. (attendee)
  9. August: Moncton, NB (strategic marketing planning)
  10. July: Dawson City, YT (strategic planning)
  11. June: Ottawa, ON – Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) – Presentation on Communicating the Value of Public Arts Funding
  12. April: Whitehorse, YT – Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon (TIAY) – Presentation and workshop for arts and culture community (April23_workshopPromo Description in PDF)
  13. April: Whitehorse, YT – Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon (WTAY) – “Business-first: Building and Managing an Effective Online Presence” (full day)
  14. April: Dawson City, YT –  TIAY’s Spring Conference (“Cultural Tourism: Unleashing Yukon’s Potential” presentation and “Integrated Web Presence: Managing and Increasing Your Online Footprint” workshop)
  15. March: Regina, SK – On Performing: An Arts Symposium (Keynote: “Co-creating a Culture of Place”)
  16. March: Regina, SK – Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA Prairie chapter) – “Research for change: The challenges and opportunities in measuring impact of performing arts for Canadians”
  17. January: Halifax, NS – CAPACOA National Conference: “Breaking the Fifth Wall: Digitizing the Performing Arts”


  1. Whitehorse, YT – Yukon Arts Presenters Summit (Keynote, Marketing workshop)
  2. Haliburton, ON – SPARC Network Summit (Summit facilitation)
  3. Webinar – Making better decisions: The Dos and Don’ts of Research in the Arts – Atlantic Presenters Association/Ontario Presents
  4. Midland, ON – A community conversation: Building a resilient arts milieu in Midland
  5. Ottawa, ON – CITT board retreat (half day workshop)
  6. St. John’s, NL – Atlantic Presenters Association – Professional development: “Making better decisions: How to turn arts data into action” (1.5 day workshop)
  7. Haliburton, ON – SPARC: Symposium for Performing Arts in Rural Communities (Keynote)
  8. Iqaluit, NU – A community conversation: Vibrant communities fueled by the performing arts
  9. Audience development: A road map for engaged audiences and vibrant communities (full day workshop)
  10. Performing Arts for All: Utopia or Destiny? – Atlantic Presenters Association (public presentation)
    • Charlottetown, PEI
    • Halifax, NS
    • St. John’s, NL
  11. London, ON – London Arts Council and partners
  12. Boston, MASS – Northeastern University:  The Value of Presenting: Arts data and research in North America (presentation and workshop)
  13. Toronto, ON – CAPACOA
    • From ‘The Value of Presenting’ to ‘Values–Based’ Presenting (Panel moderator)
  14. New York, NY – American Performing Arts Presenters (APAP | NYC)
    • The Value of Presenting: A Landmark Canadian Study
    • Increased Connectivity: Threat or Opportunity? A Canadian Perspective


  1. Kitchener, ON – Ontario Contact
  2. Ottawa, ON – Storytellers of Canada
  3. Ottawa, ON – Magnetic North: Canada’s Theatre Festival
    • Highlights from the Value of Presenting study
  4. Ottawa, ON – Canadian Public Arts Funders/Canada Council for the Arts
    • Presentation: The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation
  5. Ottawa, ON – Creative City Network Summit 2013
  6. Ottawa, ON – MarCom Professional Development Conference P2P session
    • Research as a Tool for Change
  7. Ottawa, ON – Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) Ottawa Chapter
    • Tools for Change: Participatory research methods reveal the value of performing arts
  8. Saskatoon, SK – Saskatchewan Arts Board
    • Audiences and Communities: The Values and Benefits of Performing Arts Presentation
  9. Ottawa, ON – National Network Meeting of Regional Presenting Networks/CAPACOA
    • Reflections on Learnings and Outcomes of Value of Presenting Study
  10. Vancouver, BC – Pacific Contact
  11. Toronto, ON – CAPACOA Conference (workshops)
    • Presenters, Partners and Communities: Co–creating a Culture of Place  (3 hours)
    • Live Performing Arts in 2020: Will We Be Ready? (2 hours)
    • Performing Arts for All: Public Engagement and the Presenting Sector (2 hours)


  • Webinars
    • Changing Demographic and Values, Attitudes and Believes Towards Performing Arts Presenting
    • Charting a Way Forward: Highlights of Findings from the Value of Presenting Study
    • Charting a Way Forward: A Webinar for Arts Funders
    • Highlights of Findings on Presenting in Rural and Northern Communities
  • Charting a Way Forward: Making the Case for the Value of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada  (half-day workshops)
    • Vancouver, BC – BC Touring Council
    • Virden, MB – Manitoba Showcase
    • Fredericton, NB – Contact East
    • London, ON –  Rendez–Vous 2012, Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology (CITT)
  • Victoria, BC – Creative City Network Summit 2012
  • Winnipeg, MB – Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) Prairie Chapter Action Research: From project design to actionable insights in arts and culture.
  • Ottawa, ON – National Network Meeting of Regional Presenting Networks/CAPACOA  Highlights from the Interim Report of Findings (Year 1)


  • Workshops on exploration of value of performing arts presentation
    • Toronto, ON – CAPACOA Annual Conference
    • Whitehorse, YK – Breakout West
    • Edmonton, AB – Alberta Showcase
    • Niagara Falls, ON – Ontario Council of Folk Festival, Annual Conference
    • Summerside, PEI – Contact East, Atlantic Presenters Association
    • Calgary, AB – Calgary Arts Development, Arts Champion Congress
    • Kitchener, ON – IMPACT 11 Festival and Conference, Facilitate “Building Alliances” panels and discussions
  • Ottawa, ON – National Network Meeting of Regional Presenting Networks/CAPACOA
    • Value of Presenting study
  • Yellowknife, NWT – Storytellers of Canada
    • Communications Master Class: How to shine the light on storytelling and storytellers (full day)

Presenter at Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) National Conference in Winnipeg (2008) and MARCOM for public and not-for-profit sector marketers and communicators in Ottawa (2005, 2006, 2008, 2013)

Presenter at professional meetings and in Ottawa-based post-secondary institutions on research and marketing practice. (2003 to present)