Strategic Moves works with organizations in every part of Canada, and sometimes beyond.

Strategic Specialties

When your day-to-day demands make it difficult for you to take a step back and think about where your organization is today — and where it’s going — we step in. Our job is to uncover the answers to key strategic questions, while you can carry on with business-as-usual. Strategic Moves Services

We use contemporary strategy practices, ensuring the most appropriate frameworks and tools inform our solutions to advance your particular situation and ambitions.

Our practice values mutual respect, connectedness, reciprocity, generosity, common purpose and acknowledges the many ways in which people have experience to share, learning to accomplish and so create a better future for everyone. A typical research, strategy or facilitation assignment will be designed to offer several avenues for participation suited to different people and organizations.

Marketing research — Whether quantitative or qualitative, good research informs decisions and guides action. To guide our approaches for primary research, we use a wide variety of secondary sources.

  • Literature review
  • Brand audit
  • Marketing and communications audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer data analysis
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • User acceptance testing (digital media)
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Digital media metrics

Strategy — Every strategy we build is unique: we inquire and investigate, we listen and consider the specifics of your situation and capacity so that we can develop customized, measurable solutions with you that are focused on the dynamics of your specific market or milieu.

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational design
  • Governance
  • Brand strategy, architecture and positioning
  • Messaging framework
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market identification
  • Sustainable growth strategies

Digital Assessment and Strategy – arts, culture and tourism

  • Digital maturity assessments
  • Digital needs assessment
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital business model transformation

Marketing Planning — Based on our implementation experience, we know which tactics will be most effective in helping you achieve your strategic goals—and build those tactics into your implementation plans. To ensure you have the capacity to execute, we evaluate your existing organizational processes, skills and resources, identifying gaps proactively and proposing how to fill them.

  • Integrated marketing campaign plan
  • Implementation plans and schedules
  • Media plans
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEM, e-marketing)
  • Semantic web, structured, open and linked data
  • Social media programs
  • Grassroots activation plans

Facilitation — We combine our expertise as facilitators with our specialization in strategic thinking to bring focus and informed direction to every session.

  • Strategic planning retreats (for board of directors)
  • Branding workshops
  • Executive workshops
  • Conference facilitation
  • Community conversations
  • Digital Transformation and Business Models

We bring an attitude of sharing and holding space for the entire group to enable people from various backgrounds and experiences to speak together, hear each other and work together. We pay attention to encouraging and hearing all voices in a gathering. By taking a participant-centric perspective, we focus on opportunities for participants to hear their own voice early and often in collaborative working sessions, and work to create the conditions where participants feel that their experiences are valued and matter.

Training — Knowledge transfer is built into our practice. We share our know-how and help build your team’s capacity for strategic decision-making. Topics include:

  • Digital Literacy and Intelligence workshops available through our initiative at
  • Digital Innovation in Action: Today, Tomorrow and Realizing a Bold Future Vision
  • Digitizing the Performing Arts: Opportunities, Issues and Challenges
  • Data Collaboration: A Practitioner’s Guide to Privacy and Marketing in the Digital World
  • The Value of Presenting: Key findings, implications and applications
  • Co-creating a culture of place: Community, partnership and performing arts
  • Audience development in the performing arts
  • Breakthrough Marketing: Connecting audiences and brands
  • Brand – Toward a strategic asset
  • Place branding: What it is, how it works, what it takes
  • Cultural tourism: Unleashing the power of place
  • Power of place: Attracting residents, businesses and visitors
  • Building customer relationships
  • Turning research and data into action
  • Action research – data-driven analysis and participatory inquiry
  • Social media – how you can make it work for you and your customers
  • Search engine marketing: Demystifying SEM and SEO
  • Integrated web presence: Growing and evaluating your online footprint
  • Online marketing: understanding the opportunities and managing your programs